Sale: Kevlar®-Style with Double Ridge Padding

Red, 18mm synthetic watch band features Kevlar-style appearance18mm, Red, Waterproof Watch Band

We picked up some synthetic straps at a discounted price and are passing the savings along to you. It is true that a red, 18mm watch band is of interest to a small segment of the watch-wearing world. However, if you are in that small niche, this is an interesting watch band.

This a band that we have not previously offered. Interestingly, its list price of $13.95 seems a bit low compared to similar offerings. Add in the $4.00 discount, and its sale price of only $9.95 makes it an easy decision to purchase a couple of these waterproof watch bands.

In additon to its Kevlar-style appearance, this sale item features double-ridge padding for a more intesting, sporty look. If you hava a watch with red markings or accents of any type on the face, this strap will look great when you are boating or participating in other water activities this summer!

View red watch band.


Dunthorp Teju Lizard

Made in Italy, worn in America

Owners of thinner and vintage watches often seek lizard replacement straps for their timepieces. And, there is no finer lizard then Teju. Hadley-Roma and Hirsch both produce pretty nice Teju watch bands, yet my first choice (when price is not the most important factor) has been Di-Modell. At nearly $100, it is definitely the most expensive. Now, there is another worthy option.

Italian-made Dunthorp Teju Lizard features perforated lining for maximum comfortThe Watch Prince has recently added the Dunthorp Stitched Genuine Teju Lizard. This model is made in Italy (Hadley-Roma is only one made in America), and features a perforated lining that looks quite similar to the Di-Modell AERO lining.

Initially, we are offering the black model (dark brown and cognac will soon follow). You can choose from 18mm, 19mm, or 20mm sizes. The Teju leather features a shiny finish and the watch band is lightly padded. The edges are stitched and turned.

This lizard strap is priced at $83.95, making it a little more affordable than its Di-Modell counterpart, and about the same as the Hirsch Reptile.

View Dunthorp Stitched Genuine Teju Lizard.


Stuller Alligator Grain

We recently introduced Stuller Alligator Grain watch bands to TWP website. Although not fully stocked in every size/color combo, you will find models in 18, 20, 22, and 24mm sizes. It is our plan to continue adding more colors in each size. You will also notice that some are also offered in long lengths.

Stuller Alligator Grain features heavy padding and contrast stitching.The Stuller Alligator Grain strap would loosely fit into a category that includes Hadley-Roma MS834 and the Hirsch Modena. It features a square-grain imprint, heavy padding, and contrast stitching. Like other Stuller models, it ships with both gold and silver buckles, so you don't have to worry about the buckle color matching your watch.

This faux alligator band has a price of $29.95. For a limited time, you may purchase it at an introductory sale price of only $21.95, a discount of nearly 27 percent.

View Stuller Alligator Grain watch band.



New Ballistic Nylon Straps

Ballistic nylon straps with PVD black rings are offered in 20, 22, 24, and 26mm sizes.More Stripes!

Ballistic Nylon (aka NATO-style) watch bands continue to be popular sellers. This week, we added two new models to TWP website. Both are black straps—one with a single orange stripe, and the other with two gray stripes.

Both of these models feature three PVD black rings (sometimes referred to as 2-ring straps), making them ideal for wear on black watches. To introduce them, we have the orange-striped strap in 22mm, while the gray-striped model is offered in 20mm. We will soon have both in sizes 20, 22, 24, and 26mm.

For those not familiar with this model, it is is a one-piece strap that "weaves" over the spring bars and under the watch case. One benefit is that if one spring bar breaks, your watch will still be attached to the strap. For many, a big attraction is the comfortable wear. Sometimes, I forget that I am even wearing a watch! Others like the fact that you can position the rings anywhere on your wrist. For example, some active computer users like placing the rings on the side of their wrists so that they are not making contact with desktops as they type.

At the time of this post, these straps are offered at $16.95.


Di-Modell Dakar Saddle Leather

Quality leather watch band with dinstinctive padding

It is often difficult to find a strap that features higher quality than one from Di-Modell. In my opinion, that would be the case with regard to leather watch bands with double-ridge padding. The German-made, Dakar Saddle Leather features high-quality leather and precision construction. Although I tend to favor Di-Modell Dakar Saddle Leather features quality leather, precise construction, and distinctive padding.Di-Modell as the go-to brand for high-end Swiss timepieces, this particular model seems to be in a class by itself. I am not familiar with such a great-looking watch band in this price range (list price of $54.95 at time of this post).

The distinctive, double-ridge padding makes this strap ideal for watches with thicker cases. It is offered in 18mm and 20mm sizes. Technically, the strap would be described as featuring matching stitching, but I describe it as "mild contrast." It is just light enough to be called gray (on the black strap) or beige (on the brown strap). It does not stand out like traditional accent stitching, yet the precise stitches are visible—another indication of the strap's quality construction.

We have experienced some difficulty getting Di-Modell straps from the U.S. distributor, but we will do our best to keep the Dakar Saddle Leather in stock. It is simply too good to pass up.