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NL Sporty Smooth Leather: P-Style Strap

Sporty Smooth Leather is offered in both regular and long for 22mm, 24mm, and 26mm sizes.Thick Watch Band with Pre-V Buckle

We added the NewLife Sporty Smooth Leather to TWP website, last month. It provides owners of larger watches to get a thick strap with a Pre-V buckle (up to $8.95 value). It is available in 22mm, 24mm, and 26mm sizes — in both regular and long length.

The NL Sporty Smooth Leather measures slightly over 4mm thick. As its names suggests, the leather is smooth (no texture). In addition, the watch band features matching stitching and cut, painted edges. The Panerai®-style design indicates the strap has oval-shaped holes that accomodate a wider buckle post (tongue). Many P-style straps ship with a "thumbnail" buckle, but this model ships with the oversized, Pre-V buckle.

This will not impress you as being just like an OEM strap. However, it is a pretty good value at only $27.95 ($29.95 for long length), especially for those with larger wrists. The long size strap measures 8.20 inches in length. All sizes are offered in both black and light brown (shown in photo).


New! 26mm and 28mm Silicone Straps

This thick, yet soft, silicone watch band is available in 26mm and 28mm sizes.Wide and Silicone Soft!

We have received many inquiries for rubber watch bands in 26mm and 28mm. Until now, we have had nothing to offer. Today, we added Hadley-Roma model MS3377 to TWP website. We are very pleased with this model.

First, it has a nice look to it. Rather than a plain, flat strap, Hadley-Roma put a deep, beveled edge that flares out at the case ends. It makes the watch band much more interesting.

Second, it is thick. This strap is 6mm at the case end, allowing it to adorn some pretty thick watches.

Third, it is "silicone soft." Silicone is very soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear.

Finally, it is affordably priced at $21.95. And, as always, any in-stock item at The Watch Prince ships the same or next business day. Of course, this being the Friday before a 3-day weekend, our next business day is Tuesday, January 3rd. 

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Speidel Square Tip Series

Owners of larger fashion watches, such as Diesel and Kenneth Cole, have sought wide watch bands to replace worn-out leather straps. The Speidel Square Tip Collection was designed for them.

Padded Oiled Leather from the Speidel Square Tip Collection is available in 26mm, 28mm, and 30mm sizes with no taper.We re-introduced them to The Watch Prince website, or least the black ones. If the interest develops, we will be happy to add brown and light brown (honey). These are lightly-padded, oi-tan leather watch bands in 26mm, 28mm, and 30mm sizes. Models are available with either matching or contrast stitching.

These no-taper straps are offered at $24.95.

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Black PVD Watch Band for Rose Gold Seiko Velatura 

Black PVD watch band ships with both straight and curved end pieces in 24mm and 26mm sizes.We had a customer call, yesterday, to order a de Beer PVD Black Bracelet. He said that he had ordered one a couple weeks ago, and liked it so well that he wanted to order another.

While taking his order, I asked him what watch he put the bracelet on. He replied that he was a jeweler, and that he had a customer who wanted a black metal band for his Rose Gold Seiko Velatura. After searching, the jeweler found the de Beer bracelet on our website. The end result is that both the jeweler and his customer are pleased with the look of the black pvd watch band on the Velatura. Enough so that the jeweler wanted to purchase another!

If you happen to own a Seiko Rose Gold Velatura, and have been looking for a black metal watch band, this de Beer bracelet may be your solution.


Black Metal Watch Band

Black PVD watch band fits watches with either 24mm or 26mm lug widths.Black PVD bracelet for 24mm & 26mm Lugs

If you are searching for a black metal watch band to fit your watch with either 24mm or 26mm lug widths, you may have discovered there are not a lot of options. At least there is one — de Beer model LM294, a black pvd replacement bracelet.

This wide metal band ships with four sets of end pieces — both straight and curved in 24mm and 26mm, allowing it to fit a wide variety of watches. The semi-solid link bracelet features a matte finish with polished (shiny) edges, and a fold-over clasp with safety lock.

You will find this black watch band offered at a price of $52.00. As always, The Watch Prince will ship in-stock items the same day when they are ordered prior to 3:00 p.m. (Pacific).